How to use Aurora Skin Glow IPL Hair Removal Handset device effectively?

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After purchasing our product, prepare to embark on a journey to achieve lasting results. Hair removal is a process and any product promising fast results after one-time usage is not selling you an honest product. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so plan and be meticulous. Have a journal and take notes. Write down and experiment with what settings worked best for you. Most importantly, stick to the plan! We truly stand by our product and when you trust in your journey and set out to conquer your body hair, the results will come.

Ladies and gentlemen please follow below steps to make your experience as satisfying as possible:

  1. Clean the flash window
  2. Shave hair on your targeted area
  3. Plug handset to power supply and start the device
  4. Choose the best intensity level settings
  5. Place the window fully covered by skin and pulse and glide, pulse and glide
  6. After using the device, cool pulsed skin using ice water or cold damp water (optional)
  7. You can use a toner to help your skin retain moisture after hair removal
  8. Suggestions about intensity level operations for all types of skin and different types of skin and different parts of the body. Please refer to comparison table on Aurora Skin Glow user guide manual.
  9. It is strongly suggested to not use multiple times on the same part of skin. Flash less than two times in succession only at one location. Please refer to Aurora Skin Glow user guide manual.