How To Remove Your Unwanted Hair Permanently At Home?

Does your self-care routine involve showering, makeup, hair, manicure, pedicure and last but not least, getting rid of those nasty unattractive armpit, leg, arm or even bikini area hairs? Why do they grow so freakishly fast, really!! Sometimes I feel like my body is a hair-farm that grows and harvests hair in a never-ending sprinting marathon cycle. 5-hours after shaving those dark strong hairs start to grow back and this time, they are stronger than before. Even worse (eyes rolling) is when you are in a rush and skip the daily farm routine and forget to shave or wax before something important. Just imagine going to a meeting, date, event, birthday party and suddenly you can feel all eyes gravitating to that certain dark hairy patch and then you realize your leg hairs are as long as your eyebrow hair.

Yeah, I am talking about that feeling of being super self-conscious and praying that no one notices your un-harvested hairs. In a haze of panic, you rationalize that hiding is the only option and awkwardly tuck your legs underneath your chair as far away as possible and cross your arms and try not to expose those armpit whiskers. Don’t worry - we all have had those moments.

So how does Aurora Skin Glow IPL Hair Removal Handset actually get rid of those unwanted and unwelcomed hairs permanently? Our IPL handset is used topically to flash melanin in the shaft of the hair root. The beam of light converts energy to heat and prevents future growth of the hair follicular cells that are responsible for hair growth. This is the SAME technology used in medical & cosmetic clinics worldwide but at fraction of the treatment price! Save time and money by using our product in the comfort of your home 😊

After purchasing our product, prepare to embark on a journey to achieve lasting results. Hair removal is a process and any product promising fast results after one-time usage is not selling you an honest product. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so plan and be meticulous. Have a journal and take notes. Write down and experiment with what settings worked best for you. Most importantly, stick to the plan! We truly stand by our product and when you trust in your journey and set out to conquer your body hair, the results will come. Aurora IPL Handset is backed by a 12-month guarantee. So, if you grow hair there and want it gone. We got you! Please read through our FAQ and comb through our reviews and know that you are investing in a quality IPL device.